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Vadim Eilenkrig

Vadim Eilenkrig is Russian number 1 jazz trumpeter, a popular TV host and a famous powerlifter!

A graduate of Maymonides State Academy in Moscow, for ten years Vadim was the lead trumpet of one of the best world’s jazz orchestras - Igor Butman’s Big Band. His first solo album, The Shadow of Your Smile, recorded with ex-Brecker Brothers members and produced in 2009 by Igor Butman, became one of the country’s best selling albums. The album became a springboard for Vadim’s solo career. He launched a number of projects such as duets with outstanding pianists Anton Baronin and Daniel Kramer, a show with a TV and radio host and singer Timur Rodriguez, and the Vadim Eilenkrig Quintet.

Vadim frequently tours Europe with solo concerts, and takes part in various musical festivals in Munich, Dusseldorf, Riga and Tallinn. In March 2016 Vadim performed at Sing Jazz festival in Signapore on the same stage with Candy Dulfer and Incognito.

A few years ago a senior Russian business newspaper called Vadim «the Russian Chris Botti». However, Vadim has developed his unique, original style, inimitable sound and manner, and now, no doubt, he is one of the most recognizable and sought after Russian jazz musicians.

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