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Amber Sept

Amber Sept delivers contemporary jazz music. The band was formed by drummer Ignat Kravtsov and pianist Yulia Perminova, who belong to the most innovative jazz players and composers in Russia. Their dynamic and bright music is inspired by the worldview that is best conveyed in emotions and rhythm, notes and passages. Its goal is calling for creativity. The band’s music is awakening and giving answers. It is imbued with the need for change, helping to forgive, healing mental wounds. Live sound able to express love, pain and melancholy. Modern approach with the attention to every aspect of life, focusing and contemplating. Intelligent music. Despite the fact that the team was founded only recently, or rather 23 September 2015, as part of the ensemble, in addition to Ignat and Julia, played by some of the best jazz musicians in Russia, experienced, eminent masters of musical art - bassist Anton Revnyuk, saxophonist Andrew Krasilnikov and guitarist Alexander Papiy.


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