Mospan Dmitry
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Mospan Dmitry

Dmitry became famous long before his triumph at “Big Jazz” at Culture Channel of Russia. Saxophonist, composer, arranger, bandleader of his own Impulse Band started his way in music as a prodigy child. At the age of 14 Mospan was already a soloist of Oleg Lundstrem Orchestra, and when he was 16 he became the first tenor saxophonist of Igor Butman Orchestra and started touring the world and hitting best world’s stages with one of the grooviest big bands on earth.
In 2005 the tenorist took part in “Open World” educational program at New School in New York and performed at Blue Note as a part of Open World Russian Octet along with Clark Terry, Jimmy Heath and Kenny Barron. Dmitry's debut album "On The Waves" was recorded in New York in 2012 with trumpet player and former Dmitry’s compatriot Vitaly Golovnev, pianist Benito Gonzalez, double bass player Gerald Cannon and drummer Rodney Green. Dmitry wrote all music for “On The Waves” album and invited groundbreaking musicians that represent a mainstream wing of today's New-York jazz scene and fit perfectly into his music. “It was a real pleasure to work on this album. Gerald and Benito were happy to play my music. They listened to it earlier and they enjoyed it! Rodney was brilliant with sight-reading the scores and it took him only one take to play his part! As for Vitaly, many years that we’ve spent playing together were not in vain. He perfectly understood and felt my tunes. So it was a great vibe and really positive atmosphere in the studio, that helped us to establish rapport and reach desired result”.


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