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Sergey Dolzhenkov

Sergey Dolzhenkov - famous russian trombon player

Sergei Dolzhenkov is a famous Russian trombonist, laureate of many international jazz festivals, soloist of the Igor Butman's Moscow Jazz Orchestra.

The musician has a unique style as he simultaneously plays the bass line on the trombone, rhythm and harmony, turning the instrument into a real orchestra. There are several concert programs in the repertoire of the musician: first of all, "All Colors" (ethno-fusion, duduk, didgeribon), "Classical Jazz" - classical melodies in jazz processing, accompanied by a string quartet, as well as a new program "Drum & Blech" (Dub Step, Drum & Bass, Neuro Funk), where, using modern musical technologies, the trombone appears in a completely new perspective.

In 2016 Sergey Dolzhenkov's band became, perhaps, the loudest opening on the Russian jazz scene! The musicians successfully performed at the biggest jazz festivals in Moscow such as "Jazz seasons in Lenin Hills" and "Skolkovo Jazz".


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