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Anton Baronin

Anton Baronin was born in Obninsk in a family of musicians. His father - Igor Egikov, a composer, Aram Hachaturyan's student, and mother - a teacher of theory of music. When Anton was four, he began to play the cello and piano, and hi was accepted without any exams in Central Music School by Moscow conservatory. There Anton began to study Elena Petrovna Hoven, an outstanding representative of the Russian piano school.
After graduating from music school, Anton enters the Moscow State Conservatory named after Tchaikovsky. At the Conservatory he is fond of rock and jazz - and classical music fades into the background. Anton begins to take lessons in jazz improvisation from the famous pianist and teacher Mikhail Moiseevich Okun.

Gradually Anton acquires fame in professional circles and becomes one of the most invited pianists of the Moscow jazz scene. At the same time he collaborates with renowned jazz musicians like Herman Lukyanov, Bril brothers, Anatoly Gerasimov, Vitaly Golovnev, Boris Kurganov and many others. Also, together with saxophonist Sergei Golovnya bassist Evgeny Onishchenko and drummer Igor Ignatov Anton creates his own quartet, playing experimental music, difficult to understand a wide range of listeners. Nevertheless, their performances cause a powerful resonance among Moscow jazz musicians.

In 2000 begins a new stage - Anton was invited to Igor Butman's Big Band and Quartet, with whom Anton is working today. Thanks to their joint work, Anton acquires great experience and creative maturity. He
also participates in projects with jazz legends such as Benny Golson, Maykl Breker, Wynton Marsalis, and Guy Barker, Dzhordzh Benson, Pol Bollenbek, Randy Brecker, Dee Di Bridzhuoter, Bill Evans, Dzho Lokk, Karmen Landi, Kevin Mahogany , Alex Sipyagin, Steve Slagle and other famous musicians.

In addition to a new project - a trio Orchestra 2.0, where Anton is playing with drummer Aleksandr Mashin and bassist Makar Novikov, he plans to spend his own work involving both jazz and academic actors. But despite the new ideas and finding themselves in the profession, the most important selfcreation element for Anton remains Igor Butman's teamwork with excellent musicians, peers and friends such as Igor Butman, Evgeniy Pobozhiy, Sergey Korchagin and Eduard Zizak.


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