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Amber Sept, Luminescence


Amber Sept, Luminiscence

New, still very little known, but already respected among fans of modern jazz AMBER SEPT collective comes up with their debut Luminiscence album (Butman Music Records). Drummer Ignat Kravtsov and pianist Yulia Perminova, young talented musicians who have already proved themselves on the Russian and foreign scene, are the founders of the collective and the authors of music.
The name of the group - AMBER SEPT (or Amber September) - not only reminds of that sunniest autumn month, when their first concert was held (on September 23, 2015), September is harvest time, time to summarize some results of your musical experience, time of self-awareness, time of wisdom and light sadness. The band's name also contains the wordplay: "Amber Sept" - "September", besides that "Sept" is short for seventh chord. The idea of the project is new sound and new directions. Search for new bright colors to express feelings and emotions through music. Each composition on the album has its own little history. For example, Luminiscence (written by Ignat Kravtsov) means non-thermal glow of a substance - luminescence, personifying the image of a person like a lamp of this light. It is cold, but it still shines, just like a person, despite the cold around him (the attitude of people or the circumstances of life), continues to bring light to life and give it to others! It's a new modern view of the world, requiring attention to everything that happens around, reflections on life, one's own opinion and actions, it's a call for creation and humanity.
The line up of the record consists of considerably the most famous and sought-after young musicians in Moscow: Andrei Krasilnikov (alto and soprano saxophones); Alexander Papiy (guitar); Anton Revnyuk (bass guitar, double bass); Julia Perminova (piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer); Ignat Kravtsov (drums). Two excellent trumpeter - Vitaly Golovnev from NY and Salman Abuev from Moscow sit in with the band on a couple of tunes.


Ignat Kravtsov (drums)

Juliya Perminova (piano)

Andrey Krasilnikov (soprano and alto saxophon)

Anton Revnyuk (electric bass)

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