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Anastasia Lyutova • 24 октября, 2023

The album is based on classic instrumental jazz compositions of the 50-60s of the XX century, written and performed by the greatest jazz musicians of that time, including: Johnny Griffin, Horace Silver, Luiz Bonfa, Jimmy Heath, Wayne Shorter, Joshua Redman, Teddy Edwards and others.

The texts for these initially instrumental standards were written specifically for Anastasia Lyutova and the Fierce Band by jazz journalist Polina Koryagina. Without affecting the pristine beauty of their original instrumental versions, but so organically enriched with the subtle, sensual and at the same time sharp and “honed” vocals of the young talented singer, the compositions received a new birth.

The collection alternates between dynamic jazz standards, gentle and “languishing” jazz ballads, and swing sounds sharp and piquant. These classic, accessible jazz compositions offer plenty of room for improvisational solos.

An expanded brass section (trumpet, trombone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone) and strings were added to the main composition of the quintet. Every decade is a separate era that leaves its mark on history.

Each of them has its own unique features, but not every one is so remembered by people that they will continue to turn to it for decades to come. Relaxed and colorful, dreamy and romantic - the poetry of love, the poetry of life... in the album “Jazzville” by Anastasia Lyutova and the Lyutoy Band.


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