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Ivan Farmakovsky "The Way Home"

Ivan Farmakovsky • 3 сентября, 2010

Farmakovsky's new CD, “The Way Home” amazes with fresh compositional ideas and Ivan’s talent to turn the most unexpected songs into jazz standards. It also features two compositions by Dmitry Mospan, “Denis' Birthday” and “The Way Home”, which gave the name to the whole album. “There’s definitely a special meaning behind the title,” - explains Ivan Farmakovsky. “The Way Home” is the way to Russian music traditions. There are songs on the album, such as my “Old Tale” or Dmitry's “The Way Home”, which contain this Russian intonation”.

Ivan develops Herbie Hancock’s idea of “new standards” and explores jazz arrangements of non-jazz songs turning his attention to Russian folk songs and music from Soviet movies. “On my previous album, “Next To The Shadow”, I had a song entitled “Russian Standard”. Why not to make new Russian jazz standards out of our traditional songs?”, Ivan says. Farmakovsky reveals the beauty and diversity of Russian music while filling it with surprising shades and linges. Hereby, a stylized folk song “Polyushko-Pole” is arranged in a tense, solid, Coltrane’s manner, and a famous child song “Orange Song” is turned into samba with a fair sense of humour. The only piece on the album which is written not by a Russian composer is Michel Petrucciani’s lyrical ballad “Morning Blues”, nevertheless it organically fit into the spirit of the album!

“Album “The Way Home” is a new fantastic work by Ivan Farmakovsky and his quartet. Ivan is one of the best pianists on contemporary jazz scene, who feels jazz exquisitely and plays it with extraordinary drive and swing. Bassist Anton Revnyuk listens and reacts keenly, he ties the band together. Also I am glad that the soloist is Dmitry Mospan, one of my favorite tenor saxophone players. Much goes to the American drummer Donald Edwards who adds the variety of colors and rhythms into the music. Brilliant work!” says Igor Butman, founder of Butman Music and one of the most famous Russian tenor saxophonists


Ivan Farmakovsky (piano)

Dmitry Mospan (tenor-saxophone)

Anton Revnyuk (double bass)

Donald Edwards (drums)

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