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Igor Butman And Friends

Igor Butman • 31 октября, 2014
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It’s been 11 years since the release of the latest album “Prophecy” by Igor Butman Quartet at Universal Music Russia, and now Butman Music Records comes up with a sensational work by the Quartet “Igor Butman & Friends”, recorded long time ago but never released before!
In 2002 Igor Butman gathered his friends, internationally acclaimed jazz masters, for a recording session at Avatar Studios in New York. The line up of the date is just overwhelming: saxophonists Michael Brecker and Bill Evans, trumpeters Alex Sipyagin and Vitaly Golovnev, vocalists Kevin Mahogany and Carla Cook, guitarist Adam Rogers and bassist Eddie Gomez are playing along with mighty Igor Butman Quartet swinging hard and delivering high-octane jazz groove!
Jazz classics, music of Antonio Jobim and Luiz Bonfa, post bop masterpieces, and even soul jazz - Igor Butman & Friends shines with all colors of straight ahead jazz and mastery of the major league of today’s jazz mainstream. Listen to "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" at official Soundcloud stream of Butman Music Records at https://soundcloud.com/butmanmusicrecords


Adam Rogers (гитара)
Michael Brecker (саксофон)
Alex Sipyagin (труба)
Carla Cook (вокал)
Kevin Mahogany (вокал)
Bill Evans (саксофон)
Vitaly Golovnev (труба)
Oleg Butman (барабаны)
Eddie Gomez (контрабас)
Vitaly Solomonov (контрабас)
Eduard Zizak (барабаны)
Anton Baronin (рояль)

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