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“Golden Sunray” Оleg Аkkuratov


Oleg Akkuratov and Igor Butman Quartet, Golden Sunray

Incredibly talented pianist and vocalist Oleg Akkuratov started collaboration with Russian jazz superstar Igor Butman in 2013 and since then he set on road with Igor Butman Quartet and Moscow Jazz Orchestra. During past few years he performed at the biggest jazz festivals and venues in the USA, Canada, India, China, Latvia and Israel. In January 2016 Oleg recorded his debut album Golden Sunray with Igor Butman (saxophone), Sergey Korchagin (double bass) and Eduard Zizak (drums) at Avatar Studios in New York. Released by Butman Music Records in April 2016, this work thrills with a impeccable blend of American jazz classics (Mount Harissa, Caravan) and various Russian tunes - from Golden Sunray (a hit from a Soviet cartoon Bremen Musicians) to original music written by Igor Butman (Prophecy) and Oleg (Blues Barynya based on a Russian tradional melody). Oleg presented the album at his sold out concert at 1700 seated Svetlanovsky hall of Moscow House of Music in February 2017.


Igor Butmn (tenor saxophone)

Oleg Akkuratov (piano, vokal)

Eduard Zizak (drums)

Sergey Korchagin (bass)

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