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Alex Sipiagin, New Path-2 5 March, 2016

Alex Sipiagin, New Path-2

5 March, 2016
  • 1 . Videlles Dreams
  • 2 . Climbing
  • 3 . Calming
  • 4 . Afternoon Dreams
  • 5 . Way To Her
  • 6 . Wind Dance
  • 7 . Returning

New Path-2 was recorded in Moscow by an outstanding line up of internationally acclaimed musicians: double bass player Boris Kozlov, pianist Misha Tsyganov, vocalist Hiske Oosterwijk and drummer Donald Edwards. By the way, New Path-3 is already recorded and will be released by Butman Music Records soon. 

Artist list

Alex Sipiagin (trumpet)

Boris Kozlov (double bass)

Misha Tsyganov (piano)

Hiske Oosterwijk (vocal)

Donald Edwards (drums)

7 June, 2016 Tchaikovsky - Children's Album
Tchaikovsky - Children's Album

Butman Music Records presents "Children's Album" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky performed by talented Jaroslava Simonova.



20 April, 2016 Anton Chekurov "Extraordinary"
Anton Chekurov "Extraordinary"

"Igor Butman Music Group" presented the debut album of Moscow alto saxophone player Anton Chekurov "Extraordinary". 

3 April, 2016 Alina Rostotskaya & JAZZMOBILE "Flow"
Alina Rostotskaya & JAZZMOBILE "Flow"

Alina Rostotskaya & her group «JAZZMOBILE» present their debut album “FLOW”, which comes out on the label “Butman Music Group” .


14 February, 2015 Evgeny Lebedev/Anton Revnyuk "Open Strings"
Evgeny Lebedev/Anton Revnyuk "Open Strings"

The generation of 30 years old musicians who came in the big jazz industry in the mid-2000s declare themselves as a new vis of the native jazz scene. Their characteristic is that they do not press for playing jazz ...